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About the Summit

The Design Technology Summit (DTS) is an annual event that seeks to bring together professionals from large firms in the Architecture and Engineering design industry who have a responsibility for managing and implementing design technology.
DTS is intended to be a forum for the discussion and sharing of ideas on Design Technology topics in the context of Collaboration, Innovation and Management. DTS is the place for the thought leaders of Architecture and Engineering practices to gather and share their success and failures in attempting to meet the impact that the ongoing and rapid change of technology is having on design practice and the construction industry as a whole. In particular, we believe that large firms (100+ employees/multiple sites) have unique requirements that smaller, single location firms do not have, therefore DTS is intended to help meet those needs in the format of discussion, open sharing, collaboration and networking.
The summit has continued to evolve since its’ founding in 2013; St. Louis will be the eighth gathering. Throughout our series of summits the committee has continued to seek the appropriate balance of discussion versus “outcomes” (clear takeaways or results) the attendees can “walk away with”. In 2017 we were excited to see attendees help drive the agenda. As part of the discussions we shaped the second day’s agenda to address more specifically the attendees concerns, which resulted in a series of statements that were are working publishing publicly.
We believe that with both 2016 and 2017 we have found the right balance of talk time and duration to provide an experience that are attendees always have positive things to say. In 2017 we continued the idea of a “DTS Yearbook” which continues to be well received by attendees. In 2017 we added advertisements to the yearbook as another opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to get their name in front of our attendees in a very personal and direct way. Unlike a normal conference program guide the yearbook provides headshots and brief bio information about each attendee and their firm.
We have continued to generally see new people attending each time and not just the same people attending every event. Our key goal remains to provide a venue where high level strategic discussions can take place between Design Technology Professionals, without getting too caught-up in technical details. As part of the registration process attendees will be required to provide feedback in order to help the committee frame the event’s discussions to best meet the attendee’s needs and expectations. As an outcome attendees will be provided meeting minutes, potentially recorded audio of the event and a follow-up event proceedings document written by the committee. Attendees will also be welcome to take advantage of any of the materials to further produce their own documents or papers as needed to support their own business needs or those of the greater industry.



DTS Attendee Profile

The summit is an invitation-only event that focuses on large firms (100 or more professionals and or multiple geographic sites), with significant technology investments.

From those firms represented, the summit also attracts a significant proportion of senior representatives, such as Directors, Associate Directors and Mid-Level Managers. Partly based on the nature of the summit’s focus, a key growth area within attendance has been Building Information Modelling (BIM) managers and support staff.

Attendee levels of influence are indicated below:

DTS NA Attendee Influence

At the 2017 Toronto event, 33 people registered for, and attended the summit, representing 29 companies. Of those who attended the 2017 Toronto event only 6% indicated that they had previously attended DTS, while 73% did not answer this question.

DTS NA Firm Size

Two countries were represented 2017, with delegates coming from Canada and USA.

Note: those countries listed in blue are where previous events have been held.




Host City – St. Louis

We’ve heard that there’s nothing like the Midwestern hospitality of a St. Louisans greeting you with a warm ‘hello’. You’ll find St. Louisans are kind, welcoming and helpful.

Centrally located in America’s heartland, St. Louis is an easy drive or quick flight away. With an average of 500 daily flights and 68 non-stop destinations, St. Louis Lambert International Airport sits just minutes from downtown with convenient access to interstates and the MetroLink light rail system.

Slide into St Louis and revel in the unique vibe of the largest city in the Great Plains. Where history and culture, much of it linked to the Mississippi River, are a vital part of the fabric. And, of course, there’s the iconic Gateway Arch that you have seen in a million pictures; it’s even more impressive in reality. Built in the 1960s, the 630-ft arch honors the early 19th-century explorations of Lewis and Clark and America’s westward expansion in general. Replica paddlewheelers ply the river, offering views of the arch. The Soulard district is home to barbecue restaurants and clubs playing blues music.

We look forward to welcoming you.



The iconic St. Louis Union Station Hotel combines historic elegance with modern and stunning detail. Luxury hotel rooms, breathtaking venues as well as an expansive and modern conference area, leave nothing to be desired. Union Station is a Four Diamond hotel known for its refined and stylish upscale attributes, extensive amenities and a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail.


Benefits of Sponsoring

For sponsors, DTS is an opportunity to showcase your support of:

  • Design practice and the design industry in general
  • Adoption of technology in design practice
  • The need for design firms to find common ground in the use of technology to help the industry move forward

In addition to demonstrating your support of the industry, your sponsorship of DTS gives you an exclusive peek into, and an opportunity to participate within the conversations of multiple representatives from some of the largest Design Organizations in North America. We welcome the involvement by our sponsors’ representatives in our discussions (with some basic ground rules) as we believe that we are “in this together” and that vendors can provide their own unique perspective on what they see happening in the industry.

To that end we strongly encourage sponsor organizations to send technical experts as your primary representation and not sales and marketing staff. You are welcome to also send sales and marketing staff, however participants in the discussion portions of the events should have a strong technical background in not only your own product/service but also technology in use by the industry. This is in keeping with what we believe to be the best value proposition for sponsors: visibility of industry support and opportunity to better understand your existing and potential customer base.

Lastly, DTS is a marketing opportunity for your products and services and a place where you can meet and chat in person with potential (or existing) clients that represent a significant portion of AE design professionals throughout North America.

The event provides sponsors with:

High visibility within the global AE industry
Extensive networking opportunities with attendees and committee members
Opportunity to be present during roundtable discussions and participate and hear the topics of discussion
Connect with technology thought leaders and increase your company’s knowledge and insights into future & current AE trends and technological needs.
Opportunity to network with important industry figures
Partnering with a professional, independent organization with a commitment to developing best-of-breed use of technology within the AE industry
Opportunity to consult with key industry leaders with regard to your products and services, current and future

Program at a Glance



Group Discussion Session I (1hr 50min)1:00 PM2:50 PM
Gold (dinner) Sponsor Message (10min)2:50 PM3:00 PM
Afternoon Tea (10 min)3:00 PM3:10 PM
Group Discussion Session II (1hr 50min)3:10 PM5:00 PM
Break (1hr)5:00 PM6:00 PM
Sponsored Dinner6:00 PM9:00 PM


Breakfast (1hr)7:30 AM8:30 AM
Group Discussion Session III (1hr 50min)8:30 AM10:20 AM
Morning Tea Service (10 min)10:20 AM10:30 AM
Group Discussion Session IV (1 hr 50min)10:30 AM12:20 AM
Lunch (1hr) - Bronze Sponsor Message12:20 AM1:20 PM
Platinum Sponsor Message (15min)1:20 PM1:35 PM
Group Discussion Session V (1 hr 50min)1:35 PM3:25 PM
Afternoon Tea Service (10min)3:25 PM3:35 PM
Wrap-up Discussion (1hr)3:35 PM4:45 PM
Silver Sponsor Message (10min)4:45 PM6:00 PM

Note: RTC Events Management may alter the schedule slightly prior to the event. For the latest schedule, please refer to the DTL website at http://designtechnologyleaders.com/



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