Invitation to Attend

Data Day is an event specifically focused on both current and potential use of data within the AECO/FM industry. The event seeks to attract Owners, Principals, CIO, CTO, Digital Design Managers, VDC Managers, Contractors and Owner/Builders.

The objectives for Data Day are to:

  • Identify what ‘data’ is to the AECO/FM industry, and what the key challenges our industry faces are, in relation to it.
  • Identify what data matters most to your business, and what you can do to better seize its value – through implementable idea generation.
  • Develop a graphic ecosystem of ‘data management’ tools useful to those in our industry.
  • Identify how data can be leveraged at each stage of a built project lifecycle for collective stakeholder benefit.
  • Identify skills required within our industry to solve industry problems.
  • Learn what methods other industries have employed to solve similar issues in theirs.