Sponsor Benefits


Benefits of Sponsoring

For sponsors, DTS is an opportunity to showcase your support of:

  • Design practice and the design industry in general
  • Adoption of technology in design practice
  • The need for design firms to find common ground in the use of technology to help the industry move forward

In addition to demonstrating your support of the industry, your sponsorship of DTS gives you an exclusive peek into, and an opportunity to participate within the conversations of multiple representatives from some of the largest Design Organizations in North America. We welcome the involvement by our sponsors’ representatives in our discussions (with some basic ground rules) as we believe that we are “in this together” and that vendors can provide their own unique perspective on what they see happening in the industry.

To that end we strongly encourage sponsor organizations to send technical experts as your primary representation and not sales and marketing staff. You are welcome to also send sales and marketing staff, however participants in the discussion portions of the events should have a strong technical background in not only your own product/service but also technology in use by the industry. This is in keeping with what we believe to be the best value proposition for sponsors: visibility of industry support and opportunity to better understand your existing and potential customer base.

Lastly, DTS is a marketing opportunity for your products and services and a place where you can meet and chat in person with potential (or existing) clients that represent a significant portion of AE design professionals throughout North America.

The event provides sponsors with:

High visibility within the global AE industry
Extensive networking opportunities with attendees and committee members
Opportunity to be present during roundtable discussions and participate and hear the topics of discussion
Connect with technology thought leaders and increase your company’s knowledge and insights into future & current AE trends and technological needs.
Opportunity to network with important industry figures
Partnering with a professional, independent organization with a commitment to developing best-of-breed use of technology within the AE industry
Opportunity to consult with key industry leaders with regard to your products and services, current and future