DTS Attendee Profile

The summit is an invitation-only event that focuses on large firms (100 or more professionals and or multiple geographic sites), with significant technology investments.

From those firms represented, the summit also attracts a significant proportion of senior representatives, such as Directors, Associate Directors and Mid-Level Managers. Partly based on the nature of the summit’s focus, a key growth area within attendance has been Building Information Modelling (BIM) managers and support staff.

Attendee levels of influence are indicated below:

DTS NA Attendee Influence

At the 2017 Toronto event, 33 people registered for, and attended the summit, representing 29 companies. Of those who attended the 2017 Toronto event only 6% indicated that they had previously attended DTS, while 73% did not answer this question.

DTS NA Firm Size

Two countries were represented 2017, with delegates coming from Canada and USA.

Note: those countries listed in blue are where previous events have been held.