Invitation to Attend

The Building Content Summit is an event dedicated to improving BIM content by bringing together thought leaders from the worlds of Design, Manufacturing and Software/Services. We invite you to be an influencer in this inaugural event in Europe. The BCS is not just lectures about standards and formats, or reference planes and geometry, but a roundtable approach to rethinking the tools in our libraries.

The summit brings together individuals representing three groups: Designers, Manufacturers and Service Providers (Platform Developers, Content Creators). The mixed nature of the gathering fosters collaboration between each. The goal is to better understand the unique challenges facing each and look for overlapping interests that can be addressed.

The mission is simple: Bring together passionate individuals that can lead discussions around content for years to come. There isn’t enough time in a couple of days to solve all these challenges. That’s why we invite you to attend. Lay the groundwork. Be a pioneer. Be a leader.

We would like to extend an invitation to the Design Firms, Manufacturers and Service Providers who may wish to sponsor the event and join us in becoming an industry leader.